Luxury or comfort trekking tours

Trekking and exploring the Himalayan hills and mountains of Nepal has always been associated with sleeping in basic lodges or small tents on hard beds or mats, washing in cold water, sharing communal toilets and living fairly basically. We at Gokyo Treks and Expedition is unique in Nepal as it offers various program which allows all age guests to experience the magnificent scenery in a style of having comfort trekking tours while you are staying in an suit accommodation/ rooms.

So, if you have a larger budget, and want a comfort trekking tours in the Nepal Himalayas such as in Annapurna or in Everest region, you might consider a Luxury lodge trekking. The trekking and hiking destination is same and takes you very similar routes but you stay in different luxury hotel or in comfort accommodation. Bedrooms will have larger beds with thicker mattresses, will be carpeted and heated, and will have en suite facilities. The comfort lodge offers western style toilets and a shower with 24 hour hot water. A greater variety of food will be served, probably in a warm dining room with plenty of space. And you will be welcomed with a gift, drinks and snacks. Normally the simple lodges do not have such kind of amenities for travelers. Furthermore, if you are on older aged, or indeed if you are travelling with children, especially during high season, you may appreciate the extra space and privacy. We will be happy to discuss this option further if you think it will suit you.

To do such kind of luxury trekking tours or any holidays in the Himalayas, you do not need special physical condition. We should have good preparing by suggested equipments. Our Luxury Lodge trekking package includes meals, accommodation and safe drinking water. Luxury or comfort trekking tours in the Himalayas can be done during all season. October to December and March to May are the best season for all types of trekking tours in the Himalayas. Our price is very reasonable as this company owned by the team of professional guides.



Comfort annapurna trekking

Annapurna Sanctuary Trekking

Duration : 10 days
Departure date: Every day

Magnificent amphitheatre Annapurna Sanctuary is of its natural serenity, beauty and the divine presence of the Hindu goddesses Annapurna and Gangapurna..

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Comfort Everest Base Camp trekking in Nepal

Everest Base Camp Comfort Trek

Duration : 14 days
Departure date: Every day

Comfort or luxury Everest base camp trekking passes through the luxuries lodges with magnificent view of Khumbu Himalayas icludes Mt Everest, Lhotse..

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