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Frequently Asked Questions

Is pick up service available if my arrival day in Kathmandu?

Naturally !! Once you let us know your flight detail with arrival date and time, our repetitive will receive you and take you to the hotel in Kathmandu.

Do I need experience for Trekking?

Trekking in Nepal is suitable for all types of travelers who are able to walk about 3 to 6 hours in a day with light day pack Rucksack. However for an adventure types of trekking - yes, you need to have experience of walking 5 to 6 hours a day in high altitude - somehow about 3000M above sea level.

What kind of food can I expect in trekking?

we provide you hot food prepared by our trained professional cook, the dinner and breakfast will be in the same campsite and we will stop and cook the lunch along the day. Delicious range of most vegetarian. Pasta, tuna bakes, noodles, potatoes, eggs, dhal bhat, bread, soups, fresh vegetables (variety depends on the season) get hot tea/coffee as well.

What kind of accommodation can I expect on Trekking?

We provide you local home stay accommodation to 5 star hotel accommodation during your staying in Kathmandu according to your request. And during the lodge basis trekking you can stay at guest houses however if you are going to do as a Tent trekking, then you will stay overnight in 2 men Tent with mattress accommodation during the trekking and we recommend you to have sleeping bag or if don't have your own then we provide you sleeping bag as well.

What opportunities will I have for shower along the trekking?

If you are on Guest house basis trekking then the guest houses will provide you hot shower,
However if you are on camping trekking, we provide you hot water on bucket and you can use for shower.

How do I get drinking water on Trekking?

There will plenty of water available for drinking in this trip however we advise against buying mineral water in plastic bottles, as currently there are no provisions for disposing of these. Instead, we provide you boiled water or bringing chlorine tablets to purify the normal water as the normal water is available in camp site/along the way in the camping trekking. As we are committing for sustainable tourism, we use safe - pure drinking water which is managed by the local mothers groups.  

Can I charge my digital camera or other batteries on my trip?

During the camping trekking, there are electricity only in certain places so, you can charge by paying some service charges. Remember to bring your adapters! And we recommend you to take extra batteries.

Is there any communication facilities in Trekking?

There are telephones in some villages along the trekking routes from which you can make international calls and there are internet facilities on some of the village as well.

Can I use credit cards in Trekking?

You can use your credit cards in most of the cities to some extent, however once you leave those cities behind, all you need is cash Nepali rupees which you have to take along with you while you are on trek. 

When should I book my trip and what is the payments terms?

Booking the trekking tours in advance, we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. We will of course make every effort to accommodate last minute bookings. We prefer 20 % advance deposit of total price of a trip in order to conform your reservation before you arrive in Nepal. And rest of the payment can be made after your arrival into our office. For the further information, find the details on Click here

Who will carry my luggage in Trekking?

We provide porters to carry your luggage however, you will trek with your light day backpack while you are hiking.

Is there anywhere to store luggage while on trek?

Yes, you can leave your stuffs which are not necessary for the trekking either in your hotel in Kathmandu or in our office which is safe and cost nothing. However, we recommend you keep valuables things with you at all times.

Is there any communication while we are on trekking?

There are telephones in many villages along the popular trekking routes from which you can make international calls. We recommend you to buy nepali local SIM card to talk to your home as upon your wish, cause they are very cheap. 

How much distance do I walk each day?

When you are trekking or hiking in the Himalayas, the distance you cover each day can vary greatly due to gradient, terrain and altitude. As such it is very hard to give specific distances on each day, however you have to be prepared to walk 5-6 hours each day.

Do I need walking polls for Trekking?

If you are used to walking with trekking poles then take them with you, as you will probably find them useful especially on the way down. They are not essential though and the walk is manageable without them as well.

How much additional money do I need per day?

You can allocate US$ 08 - 10 for a lunch / dinner in Kathmandu and it depends on your spending habits. US$7 to 10 US$ a day will be enough to buy bottles of water, chocolates, tea coffee and some drinks in trekking.

Do I need to tip my guide and porters? How much would that be?

This is very difficult thing to determine. We have seen everything from 5 to 8 USD per day to unlimited per person for guides and porters. Its up to you. Tipping is not required, but a small way to show your guides and local porters thanks for their help. The level of the tip should reflect the level of personal involvement with your guide.

Can I add extra days to my trip?

Sure !! We can add days at your request with additional costs to cover guides, porters, accommodation and food along trekking.

How safe? Traveling alone women with your company?

We ensure all safety and security for individual woman traveler while with us, we are more confidence for this issues, believe us. We have train our guides, the way our clients want. We give you personal room on lodge trekking and personal tent for camping (Tented camp) while you are on trekking / hiking.

What happens if there is an emergency?

All of our guides are well-trained in basic first aid and can deal with the basic ailments that may occur on trekking. In the event of an emergency, Gokyo Treks & Expedition will cover initial expenses of any rescue operation. It is a condition of booking that you are adequately insured for such an event as these expenses will need to be recovered from your insurance company. In the more frequented regions there are health posts, which have been established by foreign doctors and many are staffed by overseas personnel.   Regarding this matter, please visit here for details Click here

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